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About HandyMantra Services

HandyMantra Services is your reliable, trusted services expert for your end-to-end Home, Office and Business Care needs. We help you with services with experts, trained workforce and professionals to carry out all your service requirements. We provide home care services including painters, electrical, pest control, False ceiling and repair, masonry, cleaning, plumbing etc.

We also provide end-end setting up, cleaning and maintenance services for offices and business spaces. We provide security services like CCTV, grilling, covering units, etc. We also undertake party orders, cooking and catering, photography and videos, pre-event, event and post-event photo shoots. We also have experts to do rain-water harvesting, gardening, and water conservation activities. We undertake larger canvas projects like home decor and interiors, architects for home, innovative home concepts too.

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Professional HandyMantra

We provide home and office care services by trusted professionals and experts, throughout the week!


We are available to service you throughout the week and will cater to your preferring timings.

Affordable, trusted and easy!

We are a no-hassle, easy-to-use services at very competitive and affordable prices.