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CCTV Services In Bangalore

HandyMantra is your perfect partner for all your home, office and business safety and security requirements in Bangalore. There is an increasing demand for advanced safety services, network camera, high-power detectors and so on. Video surveillance or closed-circuit television is growing in demand and is an ideal solution for today’s safety and security challenges.

HandyMantra is an expert in safety and secure surveillance solutions. There are various types of services under the CCTV series available including detection, intrusion, identification, recording, hidden and more. HandyMantra will visit your premises on request, evaluate and recommend the right service, based on your requirements.


  • Once you fill in the Service Request form, our team will evaluate your requirement and contact you
  • Post a site visit at a cost of INR 100/- only, we will finalize the requirement and recommend the solution and final pricing
  • The date of service and completion will be discussed and finalized, mutually
  • A supervisor will be in charge of the overall delivery fulfillment and update you on the progress and overall status
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All types of Camera Installation/Repair On Inspection/Call

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