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House Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Professional Cleaning Services in Bangalore, Great Quality, On-Time Delivery and Value for Money! HandyMantra is your perfect partner for all your ongoing cleaning requirements. We understand the continuous requirements, the daily challenges of cleaning and maintaining a clean home, a clean work space and a green environment. We provide seamless delivery combined with a professional experience to ensure you get the best value for your money.

We provide the following services under the Cleaning Category for both homes and office spaces:

  • Basic Home Cleaning.
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Bath Room Cleaning
  • In Home Carpet Cleaning
  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Aquarium Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning Services
  • Hob Cleaning
  • Water Tank Cleaning


Under Deep Cleaning.

All Rooms

  • Floor scrubbing with a machine.
  • Cobweb removal
  • Fan cleaning
  • Windows Glasses, grills, channels cleaning - inside (Outside if safely accessible)
  • Floor skirting cleaning
  • Cupboards dusting and wiping - Outside surfaces
  • Trash Removal
  • Sweeping and Mopping



  • Kitchen top dusting, Floor scrubbing with a machine.
  • Kitchen cabinets, racks cleaning - outside surfaces (inside if empty)
  • Chimney cleaning - Degreasing and oil stains removal
  • Kitchen Tiles - Removing sticky oil stains
  • Cobweb removal



  • Bathrooms shelf's, cabinets dusting and wiping
  • Descaling and stain removal from Tiles, Fittings and floors
  • Acid wash of floors
  • Mirror, wash basin, Toilet bowl cleaning and stain/scale removal
  • Cobweb removal

Please note: Since there is different type of cleaning requirements, the final costing and time of service will be confirmed post discussion with customer on the full list of requirements.


  • Once you fill in the Service Request form, our team will evaluate your requirement and contact you
  • The date of service and completion will be discussed and finalized, mutually
  • A supervisor will be in charge of the overall delivery fulfillment and update you on the progress and overall status
  • Dust and dirt-free service – Our teams will ensure that post completion of project, all the necessary clean-up will be performed
  • All chemicals used here are eco-friendly
  • All tools and equipment will be standardized and acceptable for usage only
Service Price
Aquarium Cleaning On Inspection/Call
Basic Home Cleaning On Inspection/Call
Basic Home Cleaning includes glass units, furniture, shelves and cupboards On Inspection/Call
Bath Room Cleaning On Inspection/Call
Chimney Cleaning On Inspection/Call
Deep Cleaning 1 BHK (up to 700 sq ft) 2999
Deep Cleaning 2 BHK (up to 1200 sq ft) 3899
Deep Cleaning 3 BHK (up to 1600 sq ft) 4499
Deep Cleaning 4 BHK On Inspection/Call
Glass Cleaning Services On Inspection/Call
Hob Cleaning On Inspection/Call
In Home Carpet Cleaning On Inspection/Call
Kitchen Cleaning On Inspection/Call
Others On Inspection/Call
Sofa Cleaning On Inspection/Call
Water Tank Cleaning On Inspection/Call

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