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Microwave Repair Services In Bangalore

HandyMantra is your trusted partner of choice for all Microwave repairs, servicing and replacement services at your homes and offices.

HandyMantra provides high quality Microwave repair works handled by technicians. HandyMantra works with professionals to provide you services using high-end tools and equipment, latest technologies and ensures you have a hassle-free service.

HandyMantra will evaluate and ensure your food is heated properly, power loss or improper power usage is rectified, parts are repaired, fixed or replaced, ensures food is heated accurately on all sides, base plates are fixed properly and functioning at the optimum, abnormal noises are fixed and more! HandyMantra will handle all types of brands, models and types of Microwave Units.


  • Once you fill in the Service Request form, our team will evaluate your requirement and contact you
  • Post a site visit at a cost of INR 100/- only, we will finalize the requirement and recommend the solution and final pricing
  • The work listed above are all in the high impact category. HandyMantra ensures that all repair works will be handed over and managed by qualified professionals and expert team members
  • HandyMantra ensures you will be having a seamless, hassle-free experience
  • All tools and equipment will be standardized and acceptable for usage only
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All Types of Microwave Work done On Inspection/Call

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