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Rainwater Harvesting services in Bangalore

Professional Rainwater Harvesting Services in Bangalore, Great Quality, On-Time Delivery and Value for Money! HandyMantra provide exclusive Rainwater Harvesting services by professionals in Bangalore at competitive prices. HandyMantra believes in environment friendly home and office space solutions. HandyMantra endorses the view that more and more homes and offices must adopt this emerging technology to save the environment, go eco-friendly and go GREEN!

We have extensive experience in the above services. Please note that the latest trends, best practices and state-of-the-art technologies will be used for every project. Details and pricing for rain-harvest is customized and will be provided on request.

About Rainwater Harvesting

This is a simple process of saving rain water for future usage instead of letting it flow away. The collected water may be stored and utilized for a variety of activities. This method is easy and can be done in homes, apartments, offices, parks etc. The solutions and methods of rain water harvesting is unique to each space (home or office) and will be recommended post completion of site visit.


  • Once you fill in the Service Request form, our team will evaluate your requirement and contact you
  • Post a site visit at a cost of INR 300/- only, we will finalize the requirement and recommend the solution and final pricing
  • The date of service and completion will be discussed and finalized, mutually
  • A supervisor will be in charge of the overall delivery fulfillment and update you on the progress and overall status
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All Types of Rain Water Harvesting Work On Inspection/Call

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